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מימין יודר שפריר ו גיא ברון מ ScaleOps

ScaleOps raises $15 million Series A to automate cloud resource management

19.12.23|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s fully-automated platform continuously optimizes and manages cloud-native resources during runtime
Senser Team

Senser emerges from stealth with $9.5 million in Seed

27.09.23|James Spiro
The Israeli startup’s platform provides companies with insights into their cloud and IT environments
Tamnoon team

Tamnoon raises $5.1 million Seed for assisted cloud remediation solution

The Israeli startup’s AI-augmented managed service combines human expertise with technology to help teams quickly and safely remediate their cloud risks
Gomboc Team raises $5.2 million for its cloud infrastructure remediation platform

08.08.23|James Spiro
“Our approach with Gomboc is to use AI to provide context-aware remediations immediately and present the solution to DevOps teams to approve,” said Ian Amit, Co-Founder and CEO

AT&T's search for new age technologies brings it to Israel

26.07.23|James Spiro
The telecommunication company is looking ahead at technologies that don't rely on the legacy equipment that has become embroiled in scandal following revelations regarding its toxic cables across the U.S.
מייסדי ווינג קלאוד אלעד בן-ישראל ושי בר

Wing Cloud announces $20 million in Seed funding for open-source programming language

18.07.23|Meir Orbach
The language unifies cloud infrastructure and application code into a single programming model that works across AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, serverless, and more
Lior Bialik

The critical relationship between sustainability and cloud technology

07.05.23|Lior Bialik
“There is a need, almost critical, for cloud technology to prove its effectiveness even when it comes to preserving the environment and creating energy savings,” writes Lior Bialik of Commit
Amir Faintuch Jonathan Amit Volumez

Cloud infrastructure startup Volumez raises $20 million Series A

19.04.23|Meir Orbach
Volumez’s controller-less architecture composes direct Linux data paths between media and applications, helping companies convert knowledge into intelligence quickly and at scale
צוות ENVO

Cloud startup env0 extends Series A to $35 million with additional $18 million

29.03.23|Meir Orbach
The env0 platform enables users and teams to collaborate and provide self-service cloud deployments
ענן עליבאבא

Alibaba Cloud launches in Israel

One of the world’s leading cloud service providers is now available in Israel through local company Sela, which also provides solutions from Microsoft, Google Cloud & AWS
הדמיה חוות השרתים של טקטוניק בבית שמש

Techtonic to invest over $140 million to build one of Israel's largest data centers

21.02.23|Meir Orbach
The data center will be secured against military threats such as a direct missile strike, including long-range missile strikes
Alon Jackson Astrix 20

“Astrix is going to be the glue between different cloud services.”

With more end users within enterprises adding third-party apps to their platforms, the process of integrating technology has become more decentralized, says Alon Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Astrix Security.
גוגל לוגו

Google launches new Cloud Region in Israel

Last year, Google Cloud was selected by the Israeli government to provide cloud services to government ministries
Heli Goldenberg, Goods Co-Founder _alt CEO

“As a pregnant CEO & Founder I am slowly realizing all my fears were in my head”

03.10.22|Noa Gadot
In an interview with CTech, Heli Goldenberg, CEO & co-founder of Goods, shares her vision and how she changed her life
Amit Shaked 20

“Trying to be the best version of myself has always been my blessing and my curse.”

At a young age, co-founder and CEO of Laminar Amit Shaked says he was taught to strive to be the best version of himself.
Zesty co-founders

Zesty lands $75 million Series B for dynamic cloud infrastructure solutions

The Israeli startup’s solutions automatically adapt compute and storage to meet real-time business needs and allows DevOps teams to reduce cloud costs, maintain optimal app performance, and alleviate the stress of managing static infrastructure
Lee Lumigo

Lumigo appoints Lee Leibovich as VP of People

01.08.22|James Spiro
“Lee’s skills and experience will be a huge asset to Lumigo as we expand our product and grow our user base,” said Erez Berkner, co-founder and CEO
אולי האמן VP אנטרפרייז במיקרוסופט ULI HOMANN

“The Israeli economy is so strong that it’s worth investing in,” says Microsoft CVP

31.05.22|Sophie Shulman
“Israel is an important creator of technology,” noted Ulrich Homann, a Corporate Vice President in the Cloud and AI business at Microsoft
צפרה כץ מנכ"לית אורקל העולמית

Oracle CEO on market shakeup: "It is not the end of the world, it's an opportunity"

20.05.22|Meir Orbach
Safra Catz, the CEO of technology giant Oracle, believes that the current crisis in the markets was predictable, and that it gives rise to business opportunities
linat polak mart

Centrical appoints Linat Polak-Mart as VP of Product

The percentage of women in the cloud software company's top management has now reached 50%