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“Founders are expected to know everything about everything immediately”

Nimrod Vromen, CEO of Consiglieri, spoke to CTech about how the company can help founders

CEO Nimrod Vromen

“The assumption at the base of Consiglieri is that startups are in dissonance,” explained CEO Nimrod Vromen. “Founders are lonely in their situation, and they're always torn between the following two facts: one is that their company needs to succeed and succeed very fast while they're burning money. Second, they're expected to know everything about everything immediately.”
Vromen explained Consiglieri was founded as a way to help these founders with moments that occur rarely in the history of a company, such as a fundraising transaction or an M&A. “We come in and we help them manage those processes,” Vromen added. “In 2021 when there was a boom, we were helping companies close big up rounds as fast as possible so as to not lose the momentum in the market. In 2023, we are focusing on distress financing transactions with existing investors who are helping the company bridge the few months of uncertainty that we are still facing.”
You can learn more about Consiglieri in the video above.