A total of 1.3 million was awarded.

$1.3 million awarded to Israeli startups to tackle climate crisis

“Israel is extremely well-positioned to take a central role in battling climate change and bringing solutions to the biggest shared challenge of our times,” said Startup Nation Central’s CEO Avi Hasson.

Climate innovtion initiative Climate Solutions Prize (CSP) has announced that it has awarded $1.3 million to Israeli climatetech startups to help address the global climate crisis. The track was led by Startup Nation Central together with Climate Solutions Prize Organization.
Capital Nature’s $1M Flagship Investment for TRL 4+ companies with innovative solutions that address the climate crisis was awarded to Filo Systems for their data compression engine that provides optimized storage and networking savings, enabling significantly lower energy consumption and cooling costs for data centers across the world.
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Eliran SNC
Eliran SNC
A total of 1.3 million was awarded.
(Photo: Eliran Avital)

Temasek Foundation’s Disruptive Decarbonization Prize for innovative decarbonization was awarded to Electriq for their innovative powder hydrogen carrier that can be transported in ambient and non-pressurized conditions– simplifying storage, transport, and use of hydrogen in off-grid applications and long-term storage.
E.ON’s Energy Solutions for Industry & Buildings challenge was won by TIGI for renewable heat generation and heat storage solutions for commercial and industrial applications.
Italgas’ Decarbonizing Energy Distribution Infrastructure Challenge was claimed by Nemo Nanomaterials for providing industrially scalable nanotechnology solutions that enhance performance and improve the properties of industrial materials and products.
Takeda’s Addressing Plastic Waste in the Plasma Industry Challenge was won to Envomed for a unique machine that shreds and sterilizes medical waste simultaneously using a scientifically developed and proven chemical sterilization technology.
Continental’s Sustainable Materials for Automotive Applications Challenge was claimed by Biotic, while ESIL’s Early-Stage Funding Challenge for scaling DeepTech solutions to climate-related challenges, was won by BaTTeRi, an innovative EV Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) company with a zero-infrastructure method based on a proprietary charging robot, Thomas.
In addition, Amazon Web Services, as primary sponsor of the CSP, chose the startup Electriq to exhibit at their Clean Energy Showcase at COP28.
“With the objective of channeling Israel’s ingenuity to tackle one of the biggest challenges of our times, the Climate Solutions Prize is the largest incentive prize in Israel’s history,” said Jeff Hart, Executive Chair of the Climate Solutions Prize. “It aims to be a catalyst for climate tech innovation in both breakthrough research and the startup ecosystem. It is vital that we mobilize and inspire the best efforts and best minds so that we can proudly leave a better world for future generations to come.”
“As a recognized leader in developing advanced solutions to global challenges, Israel is extremely well-positioned to take a central role in battling climate change and bringing solutions to the biggest shared challenge of our times,” added Startup Nation Central CEO Avi Hasson. “The initiative, designed to award the best and brightest climate tech startups throughout Israel, provides access to investment, partnership opportunities with global MNCs, and exposure at COP28 to global solution seekers, to promote scalable, sustainable solutions to pressing environmental challenges.”