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Glassbox exec on what companies need to do to optimize their customer journey

Muli Farkas, VP of Product Management at Glassbox, spoke to CTech about the importance of data

“Glassbox is a company that helps its clients to optimize their digital experiences for their users and basically creates ROI for their digital assets,” Glassbox VP of Product Management, Muli Farkas, told CTech at Calcalist’s e-commerce event this week. “We help them optimize user experiences in their web applications or mobile applications in a way that eventually increases conversion, increases user satisfaction, and at the end converts to more revenue and more user retention.”
The company was founded in 2010 and is a digital platform for companies to assess performance, prioritize projects and optimize experiences. Glassbox’s system allows organizations to track user app activity and to spot user trends and patterns, thereby improving and streamlining the services they offer. Glassbox raised $100 million in its initial public offering in June 2021.
Farkas notes that Glassbox is particularly focused on data and how it impacts optimization of the customer journey. “An issue might occur out of the bad design of a web application, but it also might occur for a performance reason that actually stems from the back end of that system, and we have to be able to pinpoint where the problem is in order to start solving it. So, collecting data is really important from all available sources and being able to correlate it.”
There are two main things that Farkas says companies need to consider when approaching how to improve their customers’ digital journey. “One is to have a playbook, meaning to have a structured way from analysis to root cause. And, the second is to know how to collaborate across departments, but also in that sense from the tools that they're using, how to weave together different data points.”
You can watch the full interview in the video above.