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Gali Bloch Liran Maya Elhalal

Octup raises $4 million pre-Seed for operational AI-driven e-commerce platform

The company focuses on processing and consolidating data from various operational domains, including marketing, last-mile delivery, customer support, and warehousing
דנה עזריאלי 25.11.20

Azrieli Group closing shopping site, laying off dozens of employees

17.12.23|Orna Yefet
Six years after it went live, the Azrieli Group is closing down its e-commerce site, which had difficulty reaching profitability. amounted a loss of around $90 million over the years
CTech Ecommerce Chen Tamir

"Women are looking for more comfortable, ecological, and affordable solutions"

05.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Chen Tamir, Founder and Co-CEO of ModiBodi Israel, spoke to CTech about efforts to normalize women’s bodies through tech
CTech Ecommerce Eitan Koter

Are video-based platforms the future of e-commerce?

05.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Eitan Koter, Co-CEO of Vimmi, spoke to CTech about the importance of video-based engagement
CTech Ecommerce Netta Kivilis

“The heady days of 2021-2022 when companies could just waste money are over”

05.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Netta Kivilis, Founder and CEO of Blue Seedling, spoke to CTech about why companies need to be focusing on sustainable growth
CTech Ecommerce Muli Farkas

Glassbox exec on what companies need to do to optimize their customer journey

04.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Muli Farkas, VP of Product Management at Glassbox, spoke to CTech about the importance of data
CTech Ecommerce Tomer Cohen

BuyMe CEO: “88% of Israelis would rather buy a gift using a digital platform”

04.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Tomer Cohen, CEO of BUYME, spoke to CTech about the state of the Israeli e-commerce sector
CTech Ecommerce Yaron Shapira

“We want to democratize e-commerce”

04.07.23|Ariela Karmel
Yaron Shapira, CEO at 8fig, spoke to CTech about how 8fig is supporting small e-commerce businesses
כנס מקומי קום דניאל קורן מנכל עזריאלי דוט קום וידאו

"The biggest driver in the world of e-commerce today is the marketplace"

03.07.23|Maya Nahum Shahal
Daniel Korn, CEO of, was speaking at Calcalist’s e-commerce conference
כנס מקומי קום עדי אשכנזי מנהל תעשיית איקומרס גוגל ישראל כנס כלכליסט וידאו

“At Google there is a constant drive to enhance AI”

03.07.23|Maya Nahum Shahal
Adi Ashkenazy, Industry Manager, Retail - Ecom and branding at Google, also noted that most of Google's products already incorporate AI
כנס מקומי קום יפית גריאני משנה למנכל וראש חטיבת לקוחות עסקיים ישראכארט וידאו

"Purchasing power is starting to weaken, and the cost of products is increasing”

03.07.23|Tomer Hadar
Yafit Gheriani, Deputy CEO & Head of Business Clients Division at Isracard, was speaking during Calcalist’s e-commerce conference
כנס מקומי קום קורין קטנר סמנכלית סחר שופרסל אונליין וידאו

“As pioneers, we cater to both traditional consumers and innovative startups, and that requires us to leverage new capabilities”

03.07.23|Tomer Hadar
Korin Baruch Ketner, VP of Commerce at Shufersal Online, was speaking at Calcalist’s e-commerce conference
כנס מקומי קום ענת הורוביץ סמנכלית פעילות עסקית גוגל ישראל וידאו

“The form of search and the way we interact with search engines are changing”

03.07.23|Orna Yefet
Anat Horvitz, Director, Sector Lead at Google, added that “We are learning to search in a more detailed and sophisticated manner, providing more descriptive inputs as if we are having a conversation”
Deliverider Founders

From Shufersal to startup: Deliverider receives $2 million for its middle-mile logistics solution

The Israeli startup allows e-commerce companies to offer low-cost-non-inventory products alongside their in-stock selections
Shir Coffman Ctech Google Ecommerce

Inside MISTRIX’s mission to offer personalized makeup campaigns

23.06.22|James Spiro
Shir Coffman, CEO of MISTRIX, spoke to CTech about the future of online shopping for makeup and cosmetics
Daniel Korn Ctech Google Ecommerce “Malls are not dead and will not be dead soon”

23.06.22|James Spiro
Daniel Korn, CEO of, spoke to CTech about e-commerce and what the future of shopping looks like
ReturnGO Founders

ReturnGO completes $6.5 million Seed round for e-commerce returns and exchanges

The Israeli startup has developed a machine-learning-based platform that enables efficient management of returns and exchanges for products purchased online
דקל ולצר מנכ"ל AVO

Delivery startup Avo firing 500 employees as part of company restructure

01.05.22|Meir Orbach
Avo, which has raised $80 million to date, will sack around two thirds of its staff after deciding to close a significant part of its residential activity and focus on deliveries to offices and companies