Yotam Tzuker ועידת פינטק Ctech וידאו

“We are in a huge and tremendous moment in the recruitment industry”

Yotam Tzuker, Co-Founder and CEO at Team.me, joined CTech at FINTech 2022 to discuss the digitalization of the job search

“We are coming from a strong background in understanding the recruitment and the recruitment marketing industry, and Team.me is all about changing the way candidates experience the company before they apply,” explained its Co-Founder and CEO Yotam Tzuker. “We are in a huge and tremendous moment in the recruitment industry. There is a lot of need for great talent to join teams. However, companies are still using traditional tools to increase conversion and attract candidates to join their teams. They're still using text career sites or templates. Team.me is all about changing the way all this industry is working.”
Team.me operates in the HRTech ecosystem and helps provide candidates with authentic experiences, and a real visualization of how their work is going to be with their potential teams, or future teams.
“There is a lot to revolutionize in this ecosystem, and helping companies create content on scale, helping them create authentic content, and helping them engage with their candidates more easily. There is a lot to handle and there is a lot to change in the whole funnel in the recruitment, from engagement, first engagement with the candidates, through the application process and, of course, the onboarding and hiring.”
Learn more about Team.me in the video above.