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Lasso Security has partnered with the Duvdevan Foundation and the Student Union to raise over $1.5 million for supplies to the security forces

Immediately after the recruitment of one of the company's founders, Ophir Dror, to the reserves, his partners and employees joined forces with other entities and established a huge logistics center at the company's HQ in Tel Aviv, which has already raised $1.5 million and handled 800 shipments to soldiers and units in the field.

(lasso security gives back to the soldiers and army)
On October 7, on the eve of the terrorist attack on Israel, Ophir Dror, one of the founders of the fast-growing startup Lasso Security, was drafted into the reserves. Out of concern for their beloved founder and all the IDF soldiers recruited for the war, the founders and employees of Lasso also decided that they were "enlisting" in the effort and joined forces with the Duvdevan Foundation and the National Union of Israeli Students and together raised donations totaling $ 1.5 million, which resulted in the supply of over 800 packages of protective gear and essential equipment to the soldiers, to ensure their safety.
Yuval Abadi, Co-Founder of Lasso, said: "We are praying for the soldiers' safety and the release of the hostages. The forces fighting on the ground will know that the whole country is behind them, and we will provide them with a back office as long as needed".