CTech Roadshow Hadar Abramovich

How personalized education can help students and teachers in wartime

Hadar Abramovich, Founder and CBO at MagniLearn, joined CTech to discuss how the company is helping the next generation of students in Israel and abroad.

“I believe that after Covid and after the Generative AI revolution, people believe and understand that conventional education does not make sense here,” said Hadar Abramovich, Founder and CBO at MagniLearn. “Especially in Israel, when we are Startup Nation and we want our kids to be in front of everything all the time and to understand, be innovative, and to think.”
MagniLearn was founded in 2021 and uses AI, NLP, neurology, and cognitive principles to create personalized learning. The company provides personalized learning through an interactive and personalized teaching method based on data-based lessons that are produced in real-time. It appeared alongside 17 other companies at Calcalist and Poalim Tech’s Roadshow+ event to pitch itself in front of prominent investors.
“I believe today even in Israel, when we look at education, we have a mission,” she continued. “Israel is our laboratory - we provide our product today, working with more than 20,000 students around Israel hoping to support much more during this war. We allow them to not fall behind, and to get the most effective education that they can have.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.