8 stories about Edtech
כנס מטח יוסי בידץ ו אבי ורשבסקי מנכ”ל המרכז לטכנולוגיה חינוכית ומנכ”ל MindCET

“We are at a key turning point of transition to hybrid learning”

26.10.22|Tomer Hadar
At the Shaping the Future conference, Yossi Baidatz, CEO of The Center for Educational Technology (CET), declared, “We are changing the future of education”
טייניטאפ tinytap אפליקציות ילדים

Edtech startup TinyTap acquired by blockchain gaming unicorn Animoca Brands at $50 million valuation

Animoca Brands said it will leverage the acquisition of the Israeli company to establish a new business segment for blockchain-based UGC educational content
יאיר שפירא

Amplio’s mission to reinvent special education

“When there’s enough fire, other people’s skepticism is your own fuel. There’s nothing more motivating to an entrepreneur than other people saying ‘this won’t work’,” says Dr. Yair Shapira, CEO of Amplio
גל גדות ו בעלה  ירון ורסנו

Gal Gadot investing in edtech startup Safe School

24.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company, founded last summer by former journalist Doron Herman and President and COO of Wix, Nir Zohar, creates personalized educational plans to combat and reduce bullying and cyberbullying
יאיר שפירא

The education technology dilemma – how to penetrate a resistant market?

09.12.21|Yair Shapira
Succeeding in edtech may take more than innovative technology, excellent user interface, or proven academic progression
פרופסור אינה בלאו האוניברסיטה הפתוחה תל אביב

Schools Shutdown: There are many benefits to remote learning, edtech expert reassures anxious parents

26.09.20|Omer Kabir
Professor Ina Blau argues that the Covid-19 lockdown has forced the education system to adopt advanced teaching methods and that there is no turning back
קודמאנקי מימין רובין באי ישי פינצ'ובר עדו שור יונתן שור גייל הואנג וויני שייאה

Israeli Edtech Companies Inspired by Recent China-Israel Deal

09.12.18|Ofir Dor
During the Global Education Summit held in Beijing last week, TAL Education Group—one of China’s largest education service companies—announced it acquired Israeli game-based learning startup Codemonkey