2024 VC Survey

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Rotem Eldar - 10D

“There is a pressing need to reposition the Israeli tech brand”

11.03.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Rotem Eldar, Managing Partner and Co-Founder at 10D, joined CTech for its 2024 VC Survey series to discuss how the Startup Nation brand can recover from a tough 2023.
Shay Grinfeld Greenfield Partners

“Looking ahead to 2024, we anticipate a continued uptick in both the volume and number of deals”

06.03.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Shay Grinfeld, Managing Partner at Greenfield Partners, joined CTech to discuss global investment trends and how they impact Startup Nation.
Yodfat Blumberg

"Israeli startups have consistently demonstrated their ability to innovate, pivot, and thrive in dynamic environments"

05.03.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Blumberg Capital’s Yodfat Harel Buchris joined CTech for its VC Series where she outlined how Israel can stay afloat amid war, highlighting the resilience of Startup Nation.
David Sarona

How can Israel address its “corrupted image” problem among the youth post-war?

04.03.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Sarona Ventures Operating Partner David Debash joined CTech to discuss investment trends after October 7 and how Israel can protect its image in the future.
Hila Rom RUNI Ventures

“High-tech’s resilience is not a sectoral interest – it’s a national mission”

28.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Hila Rom, Managing Partner at RUNI Ventures, joined CTech for its VC series to assess how Startup Nation may recover from wartime and economic turmoil.
Jon OurCrowd 2024

OurCrowd: "Great companies come from tough markets"

27.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
When times get tough, that’s when innovation sparks new technologies and businesses for a brighter future.
Lior Grove

“Resilience and adaptability have historically characterized Israeli high-tech”

26.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Grove Ventures’ Lior Handelsman has joined CTech as part of its 2024 VC Survey to shed insight on Israel’s reputation after a turbulent 2023.
Yair Guy Fusion

“Israel’s tech sector can recover within months”

21.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Pre-Seed VC firm Fusion joined CTech for its 2024 VC Series to share insights on how the next year may look amid a string of national and global challenges.
Ofer YL Ventures

“Israeli tech has the rare ability to bounce back stronger than ever in the face of adversity”

20.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Ofer Schreiber, Senior Partner at YL Ventures, joined CTech to discuss some of the cybersecurity trends to look out for in 2024
Keren Kopilov Firstime VC

2024 is the time for “cautious optimism”, says Firstime Ventures

19.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
The VC fund has joined CTech to discuss some of the ecosystem trends that investors can expect in 2024 and beyond.
מגזין נשים 2.7.18 גיגי לוי משקיע פרטי ב סטארט אפים

Gigi Levy-Weiss: “I have no doubt the Israeli ‘Startup Nation’ brand will thrive for years to come”

14.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
NFX’s Levy-Weiss joined CTech to share how despite its challenges, Israel’s brand remains intact for seasoned investors.
Entree Capital Team 2024

“The impact of the war in Israel will last at least five years”

13.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Entrée Capital joined CTech for its 2024 VC Series to share how actions taken today can set Israel up for success in the future.
נמרוד כהן TAU Ventures

“There has always been an element of risk around the Israeli tech industry”

12.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Managing Partner of TAU Ventures Nimrod Cohen joined CTech to discuss VC trends in 2024 amid a variety of uncertainties.