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הוועידה הלאומית לתשתיות סחר וחדשנות דור רביב שותף מייסד AI Orca וידאו

"We performed the world's first autonomous navigation for a ship"

07.09.22|Amir Kurtz
Dor Raviv, a founding partner of Orca AI, said the voyage of the commercial ship was carried out using a a 360-degree observation system developed by the Israeli startup
אוניה של צים ב נמל חיפה ים אניה

Now That Autonomous Vehicles Are a Reality, Are Autonomous Boats Next?

23.01.19|Dov Greenbaum
With the vast majority of international trade handled by ocean-going vessels, there are huge positive consequences associated with automating all or part of this mode of transportation