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כנס חוסן ישראל אבי חסון מנכל Startup Nation Central

"I have great faith in the power of the Israeli startup, and I foresee a 'startup boom' after the war"

09.04.24|Shaked Green
Avi Hasson, CEO of Startup Nation Central, was speaking at Calcalist's Israel Resilience Conference
אבי חסון המדען הראשי לשעבר ושותף מנהל ב קרן אמרג' Emerge

Start-Up Nation Central appoints Avi Hasson as new CEO

Hasson previously served as Chief Scientist at Israel’s Ministry of Economy and Industry, and as Founding Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority (IIA)
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Warburg Pincus closes deal to acquire Israeli credit card issuer Leumi Card. Former Israeli chief scientist Avi Hasson to raise $100 million fund
מימין אבי חסון ה מדען ה ראשי לשעבר ו דובי אולך שותפים מנהלים ב קרן אמרג' Emerge

Former Israeli Chief Scientist Avi Hasson to Raise A $100 Million Israeli Fund in China

25.07.18|Meir Orbach
During his six-year tenure as the manager of the Israeli government innovation fund, Hasson made many efforts to advance and build Israeli-Chinese relations