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מל"ט מזל"ט כטב"מ הרון Heron MK II התעשייה האווירית 2020 תערוכה סינגפור

From Gaza to Washington: Israel Aerospace Industries leverages success for US market growth

29.05.24|Yuval Azulay
The sales volume of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in the USA is currently about one billion dollars a year, and the company aims to double this by 2030. To achieve this goal, IAI is negotiating the purchase of local companies and has opened a new visitor center in Washington
בועז לוי מנכ"ל התעשייה האווירית

From Arrow 4 to laser interceptors: Israel's air defense is about to level up

28.04.24|Yuval Azulay
"Without the arrow missiles that shot down the ballistic missiles, the night of the Iranian attack would have ended very badly,” Israel Aerospace Industries CEO Boaz Levy told Calcalist
מל"ט מתאבד הארופ התעשייה האווירית

Israel Aerospace Industries registers record results, but braces for global political backlash

14.03.24|Yuval Azulay
The IAI concluded 2023 with a 7% growth in sales to $5.3 billion and a 49% jump in net profit. However, the defense company stated that its status may be affected by the international political attitude towards Israel
בועז לוי סמנכל תעשייה אוירית מנהל ו חטיבת מערכות טילים ו חלל

Israeli Defense Contractor IAI Builds Laser Cannon

22.11.18|Amitay Gazit
Israel planned to use a laser technology to defend against long and short-range threats, but a development project was stopped in its tracks over a decade ago, and the Iron Dome was developed instead