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מייקל מייק רוג'רס

Former NSA Chief: Values Must Not be Compromised in the Name of Security, Not Even During a Pandemic

12.05.20|Viki Auslender
Mike Rogers, who was named head of the NSA at the height of the Snowden scandal is acutely aware of how fragile the public trust is in the intelligence entities of the democratic nations
העיתונאי הסעודי ג'מאל חשוקג'י נרצח ב איסטנבול סעודיה

An Associate of Slain Saudi Journalist Khashoggi Sues Spyware Company NSO

03.12.18|Omer Kabir
The Saudi dissident alleges that spyware by the Israeli surveillance company had been used to track his communications with Khashoggi, and was instrumental in planning the latter’s killing
אדוארד סנודן ישראל

Edward Snowden Slams Israeli Spyware Firm

07.11.18|Amarelle Wenkert
Speaking via video at an event in Tel Aviv, the American whistleblower said spyware by Israeli NSO played a role in the death of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi