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מייסדי פיירפליי Firefly

After CTO was murdered by Hamas on October 7, cloud startup Firefly nets $23 million Series A

29.05.24|Meir Orbach
Firefly co-founder Sefi Genis was murdered in the brutal attack by Hamas at the Nova party. “In the early days, we did not know if we would survive. It hurts every day, but we are not in mourning. We are building Sefi's legacy,” said CEO Ido Neeman
תמונות של הירח שצילמה החללית הישראלית בראשית

Israeli Defense Contractor IAI Partners With Space Launch Vehicle Company Firefly

As part of a NASA program, the two companies will compete against eight other projects to deliver science payloads to the moon’s surface using technologies developed for Israeli private spacecraft Beresheet