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פיטורים בהייטק מפוטר מפוטרים

Know your options: Fired from a high-tech company? What can you do with the options?

26.12.22|Maayan Manela
The wave of layoffs in high-tech is intensifying and thousands of workers hold options in the companies they left. Can they be realized or sold and what questions should be asked in order to make the most financially sound decision
זום Zoom שירות שיחות הוידאו, עבודה מרחוק, עבודה מהבית, קורונ

17 suggestions for how best to conduct yourself on Zoom

25.10.20|Adi Barill
The complete guide to handling your video conferences with poise — from sending clear invites to avoiding unwanted distractions
אפליקציה אפליקציות

13 Things that Every App Development Agreement Should Have

12.09.17|Zachi Zach
A checklist for beginner and experienced entrepreneurs alike