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טהראן טהרן איראן שלט חוצות טילים

Iran's regime celebrates, but citizens' anxiety grows

18.04.24|Doron Peskin
Following their attack on Israel, the Iranian regime is projecting a sense of success and accomplishment which is not felt by the public, who fear the consequences of a war with Israel and crippling sanctions
סין מטבע דיגיטלי e-RMB

China’s digital yuan: should Israel be concerned?

22.07.20|Dale Aluf
If the communist party decides who to block from the network, what will be the power of sanctions on Iran?
שר האוצר משה כחלון ושר האוצר האמריקאי סטיבן מנוצ'ין

U.S. and Israel to Form a Joint Team to Enforce Tech-Related Sanctions on Iran

29.08.18|Omri Milman
In May, U.S. President Donald Trump announced his withdrawal from the nuclear agreement signed with Iran in July 2015, and the renewal of U.S.-imposed economic sanctions on the country