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לירן שפיטלניק מנכ"ל קסמבה Liran Shpitalnik Kasamba GM

“Everyone’s an expert in something,” Kasamba is taking the gig economy to the next level

29.10.20|Allon Sinai
The company's new platform HeyExpert soft-launched six months ago and CEO Shpitalnik believes it won't be long before it has many millions of users
פוטו תמונות השנה 2019 הפגנות הונג קונג דולנד טראמפ קים און ג'ון

Who is using Israeli tech to spy in Hong Kong and what does Cyprus have to offer Israeli firms?

CTech Daily Roundup: Cyprus ready to serve as Israeli businesses treasure island
Office workers wearing masks

56% of Israelis were forced to work from the office despite Covid-19 health concerns

02.09.20|Maayan Manela
Liveperson poll finds majority of Israelis say they are more productive working from home, CEO urges property owners to go easy on tenants