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בראשית SpaceIL בגד תינוק

Israeli Spacecraft Beresheet Went to the Moon and all I Got Was This Adorable Onesie

25.03.19|Tofi Stoler
One month after launching its moon-destined spacecraft Beresheet, Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL launches a merchandise line
עידו ענתבי מנכ"ל SpaceIL החללית הלא מאוישת של SpaceIL

Spacecraft “Beresheet” to Take Israeli National Symbols to the Moon

17.12.18|Adi Pick
If successful, the mission will make Israel one of the first ever countries to soft-land a spacecraft on the moon, following the former Soviet Union, the U.S., China, and possibly India
החללית הלא מאוישת של SpaceIL

Israel Set to Take First National Selfie on Moon

10.07.18|Amitay Gazit and Tofi Stoler
Israeli non-profit organization SpaceIL intends to land its first unmanned spacecraft on the moon in February