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אל על בואינג 777 שמות מטוסים

Israeli National Carrier Petitions Against Air India’s Direct Flights to Tel Aviv Through Saudi Airspace

28.03.18|Tofi Stoler
El Al petitioned Israeli Supreme Court to prohibit Air India from using the route, as long as Israeli carriers are not allowed use it
מומבאי הודו ערים יקרות נדל"ן

Netanyahu Announces Plan for Direct 5-Hour Flight Route Connecting Tel Aviv and Mumbai

26.03.18|Tofi Stoler
On Thursday, the first Israel-bound flight allowed to pass through Saudi airspace landed in Tel Aviv seven hours after taking off in New Delhi
מומבאי קו רקיע Mumbai Skyline

WeWork Report Sketches Company’s High Ambitions in Asia

24.12.17|Tofi Stoler
By 2020 the total space leased by coworking operators in the biggest cities in India could potentially stand at 7–9 million square foot, according to the report