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חנות למכירת ביטקוין דיזינגוף 99 תל אביב

Blockchain Loses Magic Hold on Tel Aviv Investors

21.12.17|Raheli Bindman, Reut Shpigelman and Lilach Baumer
After two weeks filled with stock rallies related to companies announcing new crypto-currency and Blockchain businesses, excitement seems to be wearing off
שמואל האוזר ראש ה רשות ל ניירות ערך כנס פינטק Fintech

Regulator Sends Hyped Blockchain Stocks on Tel Aviv Exchange Crashing

12.12.17|Lilach Baumer and Dror Reich
Israel's securities authority announced it will block bitcoin-related companies out of stock indices
בקבון חוות שרתים Backbone server farm

Israeli Regulator to Wall Bitcoin Company Out of Stock Indices

12.12.17|Raheli Bindman, Uri Tal-Tenne, Dror Reich
Natural Resource Holding is down 36% on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange