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ד"ר אודי לוי מלחמת עזה

Former Mossad official: Israel's current efforts to cozy up to Qatar are a mistake

19.12.23|Sophie Shulman
Dr. Udi Levi, former head of Mossad task force Harpoon, criticizes Netanyahu's long-time policy regarding Qatar’s financial support of Hamas, saying that ‘Israel provided legitimacy to Qatar with the suitcases of money’
אבו דאבי ארמון מלוכה מגדלי אתיחאד

Long Hidden Ties Are Made Public as Israeli Officials Descend on Gulf States

12.11.18|Adi Pick
For years held under the radar, relations between Israel, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, and the UAE have suddenly become an official matter, with no less than four official state visits in October alone. The Israeli anthem was played for the first time in Abu Dhabi
אריה בלדגרין דוקטור מנכל ו ממייסדי קייט פארמה

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Immunologists Exchange Verbal Blows in Legal Fight Over Kite Pharma Windfall. Qatar is buying a lot of weapons to as a leverage against boycott. A $1.43 billion expansion plan announced for Israel’s main airport
דוחה בירת קטאר

Qatar's Rearmament Efforts Are Leverage Against Boycott

26.12.17|Dr. Shaul Shay, Israel Defense
Qatar has recently presented Chinese-made ballistic missile launchers during a military parade, demonstrating its strong ties with China and its military aspirations against the backdrop of the Gulf crisis