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מתקפת סייבר האקר האקרים אבטחת מחשבים

Report: Criminal cyber actions are used to cover Iranian strategic operations against Israel

26.05.21|Raphael Kahan
The SentinelOne report names hacker group Agrius as an Iranian agent. Sources said this group was behind the Shirbit and the KLS attacks
מנכ"ל החברה שירביט צבי ליבושור

Hack of insurance company Shirbit erased its 2020 profits

05.04.21|Almog Azar
After hacking fiasco, Shirbit was sued for NIS 1.2 billion, and marked NIS 8 million in losses. Phoenix Insurance in stages of acquiring Shirbit
בניין שירביט

Despite hacking fiasco, Israeli government has gone back to conducting business with Shirbit

13.12.20|Tomer Hadar
Even after the insurance company’s system was hacked, and government employees’ private data was leaked, the government has decided to renew its tender with Shirbit
Cyber Attack Shirbit

Lessons Learned: Three Israeli cyber experts offer their hot takes on the Shirbit hack

10.12.20|James Spiro
After the crushing hack of Israel-based insurance firm Shirbit, executives from Guardicore, BDO Global, and MonsterCloud share some industry insights
מיטל לוי טל אקסטרה מיינד

Shirbit's crisis is a reminder for organizations of the importance of transparency and honesty

08.12.20|Meital Levi Tal
"The rules of the game have changed dramatically over the past decade. This is a lesson learned by companies that tried to hide information, faults and unfit products," writes Meital Levi Tal
מטה חברת ביטוח שירביט אזור תעשייה פולג נתניה

Shirbit hack serves as a wakeup call to every financial company

06.12.20|Irit Avissar and Naomi Zoreff
What's next for Shirbit and the insurance sector after company refuses to pay ransom and hackers vow to sell client data
האקר ביטקוין מטבע וירטאלי

Who raised a $170 million fund and how much Bitcoin are hackers demanding from a breached insurance company?

CTech Daily Roundup: Entrée Capital closes $125 million fund to invest in growth startups headed by Israeli founders
הודעת הסחיטה של שירביט

Hackers demand $1 million in Bitcoin from breached insurance company

03.12.20|Raphael Kahan
Black Shadow threatens to dump batches of its clients’ information every day until the ransom is paid
האקר מחשבים

Israeli authorities investigating attack on local insurance company’s servers

01.12.20|Naomi Zoreff
Black Shadow team takes responsibility for leaking private details of the company’s Israeli clients