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Ilan Frank 20MinuteLeaders

"It used to be that decisions were made at the top and then those orders came down. But that's almost reversed"

Ilan Frank, VP of product at Slack speaks with Michael Matias about how to increase productivity and have fun while doing it
Epistema team

Peter Thiel’s Mithril, Slack, Back Israeli AI Startup Epistema

12.04.18|Orr Hirschauge and Amarelle Wenkert
Epistema developed a structured debate platform supported by automated data checks and artificial intelligence
דייט ראשון פגישה זוגיות שיעמום

Avoiding the Abyss in Partnership Meetings

23.08.17|Amir Shevat
Some partnership meetings are great; others are a catastrophe. Ten quick productivity boosting tips