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מייסדי אוקטופוסט ליעד גז ודניאל קושנר

B2B social media marketing platform developer Oktopost secures $20 million investment

22.07.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
With its first major investment received, the Israeli startup is expected to scale up its operations and plans to grow its workforce by 50% by the end of the year
רשתות חברתיות רשת חברתית טוויטר טיקטוק אינסטגרם פייסבוק סנאפצ'ט ווטסאפ

Who gets to define incitement?

27.05.21|Viki Auslender
Israeli requests to remove online content spiked in the wake of the recent Israel-Gaza conflict. However, social media is showing a growing reluctance to comply. So who decides the boundaries of free speech?