3 stories about Warfare
הרחפן החדש של רפאל ו אנוויז'ן

Rafael showcases drones with AI-driven computer vision to aid urban warfare

27.12.20|Uti Etsion
The drones and robots will be able to scan and map buildings and mark people on the premises, identifying whether they are armed and help differentiate between innocent civilians and militants
פצצת מימן פיצוץ גרעיני

AI, War, and Hanukkah

27.12.19|Dov Greenbaum
Technology has been a significant part of warfare since at least the ancient Greeks. Now, artificial intelligence is making its mark on modern war
צוק איתן מלחמה צנחנים רצועת עזה מנהרות

Israel Has No Iron Dome Against Tunnels

21.01.18|Amir Rapaport, Israel Defense
Despite massive investments, technologies capable of giving operators a clear view of underground tunnels are still not in existence