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TV Broadcasting Will Survive Streaming Revolution, Disney Executive Says. Israel used drones to drop tear gas on Gaza protesters

CTech 18:5102.04.18
TV Broadcasting Will Survive Streaming Revolution, Disney Executive Says. In August 2017, Disney announced it is cutting ties with Netflix to launch a streaming service of its own. “The world is a big place,” said Joe Inzerillo, the man building Disney’s new service. “There’s an incredible amount of content out there, and more niche content than has existed before. And therefore I don’t think it’s an ‘either or’.” Read more
Drone (illustration). Photo: Amit Sha'al Drone (illustration). Photo: Amit Sha'al


Israel used drones to drop tear gas on Gaza protesters. On Friday, Israel’s Border Police used drones to drop tear gas canisters onto crowds of Palestinian protest marchers in Gaza. According to a Border Police spokesman, this was one of the first operational deployment of the technology. An estimated 30,000 Palestinians participated in demonstrations near the Gaza-Israel border on Friday, in what was dubbed the “Great March of Return.” Read more


Auto parts maker Linamar partners with Israeli startup to produce shock-absorbing wheels. The Canadian industrial company has agreed to spend millions on a new production line for SoftWheel, an Israel-based startup developing a high-performance wheel. Read more


The rise of streaming will spike video ad prices, says Verizon executive. The entrance of tech companies into what has traditionally been the domain of telecommunication companies has seen the prices of online broadcasting rights boom. Verizon intends to leverage the rise for targeted advertising, according to CTO P.P.S. Narayan. Read more


Online retailer Asos collaborates with fashion startup Zeekit. Tel Aviv-based Zeekit develops a virtual fitting room feature that enables online shoppers to check how certain clothing items look on different body types. Read more


Predictive analytics company Endor raises $45 million in ICO. Endor’s blockchain-based protocol gives users accurate business predictions without requiring computing and data expertise, the company said. Read more


Apps are getting dumber, and that is good, says author and blogger focused on consumer psychology and behavioral design. According to Nir Eyal, the surprising simplicity of some of today’s top apps could be attributed to smart developers who have realized that by doing less, they can get users to do more. Read more


Nvidia uses Mellanox technology in its new DGX-2 AI system. DGX-2 uses eight Mellanox ConnectX port adaptors capable of providing 1,600 gigabits per second of bi-directional data. Read more 
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