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CTech's Sunday Roundup of Israeli Tech News

Serial entrepreneur Ariel Maislos’ Stratoscale shuts down; Mobileye insider trading defendants to pay $6 million

CTech 14:3415.12.19

Serial entrepreneur Ariel Maislos’ Stratoscale shuts down. Stratoscale had raised $112 million from investors including Intel Capital, Cisco Investments, and SanDisk Ventures. Read more


Mobileye insider trading defendants to pay $6 million. In exchange for not admitting guilt, two defendants will pay six times the allegedly ill-gotten profit they collected. Read more

Tel Aviv Skyline. Photo: Yair Sagi Tel Aviv Skyline. Photo: Yair Sagi


Villains and vigilantes—mapping the dark web. In the popular consciousness, the dark web is mostly known as the meeting place of terrorists and extortionist hackers. While there are other, less malicious players afoot, corporations and organizations need to know the real dangers and how to protect against them. Part one of two. Read more


Villains and vigilantes—citizens of the dark web. Read part two


Opinion | On big data, patent law, and global warming. Researcher Dov Greenbaum examines the legal protections provided for big data and whether our insatiable internet appetites should be curbed to save the planet. Read more


List | Through hell or high water: 5 startups aiming to save the planet by saving water. From extracting safe drinking water from thin air to turning rain into drinkable water, below are five Israeli startups trying to minimize the world’s water crisis. Read more, Innoviz, WalkMe most popular on Israeli stock option marketplace EquityBee. EquityBee develops a marketplace where startup employees can find investors to help them exercise their stock options. Read more


On Target | Foodtech: a lot of buzz but not a lot of capital. Companies that produce meatless meats, eggless eggs, and protein powder from fly larvae can innovate the food landscape of the future, but the venture capital industry is still somewhat hesitant to come aboard. Read more


Home cannabis farming company Seedo files for debt settlement. Seedo develops at-home automated cannabis growing devices roughly the size of a mini-fridge said to create optimal growing conditions using computer vision technologies. Read more


Direct train from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv finally on the right track. The long-awaited 57-kilometer electric train route connecting Jerusalem’s Yitzhak Navon station and Hahagana station in southern Tel Aviv will open to the public on Saturday night next week. Read more