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Addionics - Battery Innovation

Addionics is one of nine Israeli startups that graduated from the Intel Ignite startup growth program, a program promoting early stage startups

Intel, a CTech Partner 13:0109.03.20

Company name: Addionics

Field: energy and batteries

Founded: 2017

Founders: Vladimir Yufit, Moshiel Biton, Farid Tariq

Investor: Next Gear Ventures

Funding to date: $3 million


Addionics redesign the architecture of batteries to significantly improve their performance. The company uses a patented 3D metal fabrication method to develop high capacity and fast charging rechargeable batteries. While many companies trying to improve batteries focus on changing their chemistry, Addionics focus on their physics. This enables the company to improve battery performance using any kind of chemistry in the market. According to the company, by inventing the next generation of batteries, it strives to accelerate the mass deployment of electric vehicles. Addionics aim to have a positive impact on the environment by decreasing air pollution caused by transportation and by generating less waste, due to the longer life of products using their batteries. Any product that is powered by a battery can be made more sustainable by deploying our technology, the company said.



Addionics executive team. Photo: Addionics Addionics executive team. Photo: Addionics



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