Intel Ignite

Mine - Privacy and Data Protection

Mine is one of nine Israeli startups that graduated from the Intel Ignite startup growth program, a program promoting early stage startups

Intel, a CTech Partner 13:2909.03.20

Company name: SayMine Technologies

Field: Privacy and Data protection

Founded: 2018

Founders: Gal Ringel, Gal Golan, Kobi Nissan

Investors: Battery Ventures, Saban Ventures

Funding to date: $3 million



Welcome to the future of data ownership. We all use online services on a daily basis, and with each online activity, leave behind hundreds of personal digital traces that are collected by companies, and can be used against us. Mine enables digital users to discover, and control what the internet knows about them, their digital footprint. All done through a simple, easy to use, mobile web-based app. Mine's goal is to help people worldwide take ownership of their personal data online, reduce their unnecessary online exposure to minimize potential risks. Keep your data, only where you need it.



Mine's team. Photo: Mine Mine's team. Photo: Mine



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