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CloudWize - Cloud Management

CloudWize is one of nine Israeli startups that graduated from the Intel Ignite startup growth program, a program promoting early stage startups

Intel, a CTech Partner 16:3809.03.20
Company name: CloudWize

Field: cloud technology

Founded: 2019

Founders: Yuval Tzeiri, Gal Shmueli, Chen Goldberg, Yotam Atad, Eyal Hochman, Dan Ostrosky

Investor: GFC

Funding to date: $3 million



CloudWize Owl Ltd. is a SaaS company focused on helping businesses regain control over their rapidly and continuously evolving public cloud environment. For companies, operating an architecture over the cloud makes it easier to implement changes and introduce new technologies, but it comes at a price. According to Cloudwize, the cost is downtime or exposure due to uncontrolled architecture changes and a knowledge gap to support significant number of new technologies. CloudWize’s solution is to provide instant, up-to-date, observability across the leading public cloud accounts, as well as tools for troubleshooting, detecting divergence from best practices, and identifying compliance gaps.



CloudWize's team. Photo: CloudWize CloudWize's team. Photo: CloudWize


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CloudWize - Cloud Management