Who was targeted by Iranian hackers and what is the only way to safeguard the U.S. elections?

CTech Daily Roundup: The Koch empire’s man in Israel who has unlimited funds to invest in tech

CTech 23:1118.10.20
Interview | The Koch empire’s man in Israel who has unlimited funds to invest in tech. Eli Groner has a history of working for controversial figures - from Benjamin Netanyahu to Charles Koch. Read more


Report: Iranian hacking group launched concentrated attack on Israeli companies. ClearSky and Profero, who identified the attack said hackers launched fake ransomware attacks, aimed at encrypting company data. Read more

Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden. Photo: Reuters Donald Trump (left) and Joe Biden. Photo: Reuters

There’s only one way to safeguard the U.S. elections, says MonsterCloud CEO. Zohar Pinhasi says only unifying the entire voting platform can truly ensure a safe and credible process. Read more


DiplomaTech | Spring Break vacations aside, Mexico has much to offer Israeli techies. There are numerous opportunities for Israeli companies willing to make the right adjustments for an economy serving a population of 128 million people and which shares 3,145 kilometers of border with the U.S. Read more


Nice CEO calls out ultra-Orthodox leader and Prime Minister for Covid-19 negligence. Barak Eilam criticized Benjamin Netanyahu and Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of the leading rabbis of the ultra-orthodox community, after he instructed his community’s elementary schools to open up against the law. Read more


MeaTech invests a million euro in a Belgian company that produces cultured animal fat. Israeli company plans to include Peace of Meat’s technology in its own range of cell-based products. Read more


Interview | Retaining a long-term view, Flint Capital insists on investing in young startups. VC with multiple Israeli investments is bucking the post-covid trend of cutting back on early stage funding. Read more


IIA begins the search for a new CEO. The government’s tech investment arm is seeking to replace Aharon Aharon who resigned last month. Read more


Opinion | Artemis Accords leave big questions on space mining largely up in the air. Deep down at the end of the document, the parties agree that mining of celestial bodies is legal under international law. Read more