Who is heading for a $4 billion Nasdaq IPO and what happened if you opened a new office in January 2020?

CTech Daily Roundup: Amnon Shashua sets up NIS 100 million fund to aid small businesses

CTech 21:5128.10.20
Israeli startup Monday.com is heading for a $4 billion Nasdaq IPO. The team management company has reached out to investment banks to support the move, targeting the first half of 2021. Read more


Amnon Shashua sets up NIS 100 million fund to aid small businesses. Inbar Shashua Bar-Nir and Adi Atun to lead WE-19 foundation which will grant NIS 50,000 to 2,000 small businesses in three stages. Read more


A satellite. Photo: Courtesy A satellite. Photo: Courtesy


World’s first AI satellite scans the Earth to find climate anomalies. The technology developed by Intel Movidius uses artificial intelligence to differentiate between images and predict future weather events, while eliminating the need for human analysis. Read more  


An inside look at how to get accepted to Israel's top tech companies. From answering inquiries on LinkedIn to pausing mid-interview to turn off the stove, HR professionals at leading companies explain how to increase your chances of securing a job. Read more  


Round B | The tech community’s solidarity is a key feature of what makes us the Startup Nation. Shaul Olmert sheds a light on the behind the scenes acts of kindness that help make the Israeli tech sector thrive. Read more


What happened if you opened a new office in January, 2020? Finastra had to battle a global pandemic just one month after relocating.

Here’s how the HR team tackled the challenge. Read more


Opinion | How predictive analytics can support effective lockdown management. AI-powered predictive analytics solutions can provide crucial insights to law enforcement teams, allowing them to fairly and effectively enforce lockdown restrictions and back up their decision-making with data. Read more