Emerging from stealth, cloud security platform Lightspin raises $4 million in seed

The Israeli startup’s technologies were designed after former white hat hackers ‘thought’ like real intruders

James Spiro 13:0024.11.20
Contextual cloud security platform Lightspin announced on Tuesday it has raised $4 million in seed funding to help organizations protect cloud infrastructure and advance digital transformation. The funding round was led by Ibex Investors LLC with participation from private angels and will help the company reinforce its efforts to protect native, Kubernetes, and microservices from known and unknown risks.


Lightspin was founded by former white hat hackers who developed a technology that uses graph-based tools and algorithms to analyze potential attacks. Its platform prioritizes risks and threats in order of importance and can remediate them as a SaaS solution.


The Lightspin team. Photo: Lihi Binyamin/Lightspin The Lightspin team. Photo: Lihi Binyamin/Lightspin


“An increasing reliance on cloud computing is inevitably leading to an expanding threat landscape. Having worked with CISOs and cloud owners from numerous global companies, we know that existing solutions do not address the full scope of security challenges for dynamic, modern cloud and Kubernetes environments,” said Vladi Sandler, CEO and co-founder at Lightspin. “Based on our experience in attacking cloud infrastructure, we understand how attackers think, which is our superpower. We are proud to have secured this funding, at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and to launch out of stealth to further our work in helping organizations significantly reduce risk by identifying and prioritizing critical security gaps for remediation before they fall into the wrong hands.”


“We see great added value in Lightspin’s approach to addressing these critical, yet often-overlooked aspects of cloud security, particularly as the future of innovation becomes increasingly dependent on cloud capabilities, and threat actors simultaneously become more sophisticated,” added Nicole Priel, Vice President at Ibex Investors. “We are excited to partner with Lightspin on its journey to help organizations defend themselves against the precarious threats that are often missed or not managed by cloud providers and other solutions.”


Lightspin was founded in February by Sandler and Or Azarzar, who serves as the company’s CTO. Its solution is already being piloted in 20 different organizations including Fortune 500 companies. Ibex Investors is a U.S-based investment firm and recently raised $100 million to invest in Israeli tech.