CaringApp launches in Israel, offering remote support and assistance for the elderly

The app was created by The Caring Company as a result of Covid-19 and the effect of social distancing on older populations

James Spiro 10:1724.12.20


Israel-based The Caring Company has launched a new app, CaringApp, to provide remote support and assistance to family members and relatives of the elderly. Using smart technology, it can monitor and identify life-saving moments such as alerts to falling, mood monitoring, and inactivity.


“As a company founded with a vision to develop technology that will make the world a better place with developments that contribute to family communication, we could not ignore the challenges and dangers which rose in the community of our aging parents,” said Enon Landenberg, Founder and CEO of The Caring Company. “Now, more than ever, the distance between us and our older parents is noticeable and can be highly critical in emergencies.”


Enon Landenberg, Founder and CEO of The Caring Company. Photo: PR Enon Landenberg, Founder and CEO of The Caring Company. Photo: PR


Landenberg highlights Covid-19 as the main inspiration for CaringApp, which has had a profound effect on elderly populations in Israel and around the world. Social distancing measures and lockdowns can cause loneliness and physical inactivity, which leads to health-related issues both mentally and physically.

CaringApp tracks behavioral and physical changes in the user and includes features such as an emergency button offering quick access to important contacts; battery tracking, which tracks the battery status and notifies a caregiver with accurate locations if the phone were to die; mood monitoring, which analyzes the voice of the user during phone calls to detect mood; and a fall alert which uses the phone’s motion sensor to detect if someone of advanced age were to suddenly fall.


The Caring Company was founded in 2015 by Landenberg, who also founded Bosco, a parental communication app to help detect mood in children in the event of cyberbullying. CaringApp is currently running an active fundraising campaign on fundit to raise money to expand its services.