E-scooter service Bird will implement face recognition technology from Israel’s AU10TIX

The Israeli technology will integrate within the scooter-sharing app to prevent fraud and underage riders

James Spiro 17:3505.01.21
E-scooter provider Bird has announced its plans to implement Israel-based AU10TIX’s technology to help identify underage users or attempted fraud on its platform. The authentication process works through an ID scan upon initial registration for the app and takes approximately eight seconds to confirm the identity of the user or deny their access if necessary.


“As a company that leads a revolution in the field, we always strive to be the first and implement the most innovative technologies that will help raise the level of safety and in this case prevent minors using our scooters,” said Yaniv Rivlin, CEO of BIRD Israel. “I am happy with the choice of using Israeli technology and AU10TIX, this is yet an additional important milestone for Israeli high-tech."


An example of the facial ID technology. Photo: Bird An example of the facial ID technology. Photo: Bird


Ron Atzmon, Vice Chairman of AU10TIX, highlighted how Bird chose a ‘Blue and White’ (Israeli) company and added that its “capability demonstrates how high-level identity verification can positively impact business activity when it comes to protecting the community.”

According to the companies, their eight-second solution is far quicker than conventional tools which can take up to 20 minutes to ensure the right person is at the helm of the e-scooter service.


AU10TIX helps prevent fraud and terror attacks through the deployment of its ID authentication and verification technology. It is used by companies like Google, Airbnb, Payoneer, and more. Bird, which started in the U.S, was the first e-scooter provider in Israel and operates in 160 cities around the world.