Pet healthcare platform The Vets raises $40 million in Seed funding

The startup's veterinarians bring pet care directly to pet owners in-home, providing full diagnostics including blood workup and capturing vitals

Meir Orbach 10:5830.01.22
Israeli startup The Vets, which has developed a platform for veterinary services in the U.S., has raised a $40 million Seed funding round led by Target Global, PICO Venture Partners and Bolt Ventures. The Vets was founded at the start of 2021 with the goal of bringing comprehensive pet care to people’s homes.


Visits by The Vets professionals feature full diagnostics including blood workup and capturing vitals. Aggregating data from these comprehensive care visits across the nation also allows for more accurate diagnoses and healthcare predictions, as well as analysis of possible trends by breed. Since its inception in early 2021, The Vets have served more than 7,000 pets.
The Vets team. Photo: Keren Mazor The Vets team. Photo: Keren Mazor


The Vets was founded by CEO Daniel Sagis in cooperation with Target Global. Shmuel Hefetz, co-founder of Target Global, serves as Chairman, with COO and co-founder Dori Fussmann, being based out of the U.S.


The company currently employs 130 people, a third of them in Israel, which serves as the headquarters of the startup’s product and R&D centers. The Vets is currently operating in Miami, Tampa, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Portland, Seattle, Las Vegas, Denver, and New York City. The company has 30 mobile teams of veterinarians and plans to expand to a total of 25 cities by the end of 2022.


“We believe that the best way to treat pets and develop a deep relationship with an animal and its carer is at their familiar home settings in a stress free environment,” Sagis told Calcalist.


Sagis is a veteran entrepreneur who is one of the founders of Hive Media, which was acquired by OpenWeb for $60 million earlier this month.


"As the pet care industry doubles over the next decade, the healthcare system around it is fundamentally flawed," said Shmuel Chafets, Chairman at The Vets. "We were energized by The Vets' willingness to challenge the $120 billion pet care industry and wanted to build a consumer brand together that would bring true value to veterinarians and pet owners by addressing the problem head-on."