Appointments appoints Sivan Michaeli-Roimi as VP of Marketing

Michaeli-Roimi will help focus on its global marketing and strategic efforts in 2022

CTech 09:0921.02.22
Following their recent $4 million Seed round announcement, the relationship-intelligence platform has announced its appointment of Sivan Michaeli-Roimi as VP of Marketing.


Before joining, Sivan served as Head of Marketing at Frontegg, and led the company’s marketing, sales, branding and strategy. Prior to Frontegg, Sivan was the Director of Outbound Marketing at WhiteSource, and led the company’s broad-reach marketing expansion overseas, including heading media, sponsorships, sales, customer value tasks, and multiple initiatives.


Sivan Michaeli-Roimi. Photo: Doron Letzter Photography Sivan Michaeli-Roimi. Photo: Doron Letzter Photography aims to build strong, authentic relationships with customers to drive better customer growth and retention. The company’s mission is to help monitor, scale, and develop these essential relationships by using its predictive data processing and artificial intelligence-based technology to analyze thousands of real-time client-vendor engagements. The company was founded by Ori Entis and Lior Harel in 2021, and has offices in Los Angeles and Tel-Aviv.


“We are very excited to welcome Michaeli-Roimi to lead our marketing. Her experience and deep understanding of the SaaS industry are critical to our go-to-market strategy in 2022,” noted Ori Entis, Staircase’s co-founder and CEO.



“The technology behind is truly groundbreaking and most importantly, solves a real problem. Customer Success and Product teams face immense challenges over the customer journey, and that’s where Staircase comes in,” said Michaeli-Roimi.