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Mind the Tech NY 2022
“We know how to unlock employee skills to support the organization”

Meet Dor Nachshoni, CEO & Co-founder of Juno Journey, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital

CTech Mind the Tech NY Conference Dor Nachshoni
Name: Juno Journey
Sector: Enterprise software
Founded: 2018
Founders: Dor Nachshoni, Ofer Ben Attar, Yehonatan Korach, Jeremie Israel
Employees: 60
Investment: $22.5M
Investors: Insight Partners, 10D, Cerca Partners
“Juno Journey is a learning and development operations system that has four main pillars which every employee should go through - onboarding, training, development and retention. What we have done is connect the dots into one journey,” said Dor Nachshoni, CEO and Co-founder of Juno Journey, speaking in an interview with CTech as a part of the Mind the Tech NY event.
Juno Journey is a learning and development operations management platform that enables organizations to build and design the professional journeys of their employees in a personalized way. They assist in onboarding, training, development and retention in an automated and scalable way.
Juno Journey has been selected as one of "Tomorrow's Growth Companies" according to Qumra Capital. This year, for the fourth year in a row, Qumra published its list of the most promising growth companies in Israeli high-tech, naming those who are on the path to becoming the next big thing.
“Currently we are building liquid software, which is a system that can fit any type and size of organization so what we do best is syncing Juno’s capabilities to the needs of the organization and to the employees goals,” Nachsoni added when asked about their unique selling proposition.
You can watch the full interview in the video above.
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