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Boaz Qumra

Qumra Capital: “With businesses operating more efficiently, the coming year holds promise for investors”

16.04.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Managing General Partner Boaz Dinte joined CTech for its 2024 VC Survey to discuss how the country is recovering from an economic downturn and war.
מימין ג׳ף הורינג מייסד אינסייט פרטנרס ו ג'ון קרטיס לשעבר השותף האחראי על ישראל בטייגר גלובל

Foreign investors active in Israeli tech plummet by 23%: Troubling trend or temporary setback?

08.04.24|Sophie Shulman
In the six months since the outbreak of the war, the number of foreign investment entities active in the country plummeted, and the number of foreign VC funds investing also dropped by 20%.
CTech NY Conference Erez Shachar

“Late-stage startups in Israel are more resilient to the current situation”

06.03.24|Ariela Karmel
Erez Shachar, Managing Partner at Qumra Capital, spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s Mind the Tech conference in New York about the resilience of late-stage startups.
חברי קרן קומרה קפיטל מימין: בועז דינטי, סינן שמרי דהן, שרון ברזיק כהן וארז שחר

Qumra’s Top 11: The Israeli startups to watch out for in 2024

From a system that provides doctors with real-time insights about their patients to a platform that helps any company create its own AI-based apps: these are the 11 startups selected to Qumra Capital’s “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” list
CTech Roadshow Erez Shachar

Erez Shachar: Investing in Israel in 2024 following the crisis will present great opportunities

25.12.23|James Spiro
The Qumra Capital Managing Partner and Co-founder spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s Roadshow+ event about the state of the Israeli tech ecosystem
Boaz Dinte Qumra

“We have hit the bottom…but I don’t expect to see the markets quickly rebounding and reaching their peaks”

03.07.23|Elihay Vidal
Boaz Dinte, Managing Partner and a co-founder at Qumra Capital, spoke with CTech as part of the series “Where do we go from here?”, aiming to examine how the Israeli VC industry is dealing with the crisis in the sector
כנס לונדון כלכליסט חדשנות טכנולוגית - מימין סיון שמרי דהן Qumra ג'ונתן טודור Clean Growth Fund אירית קאהן DTCP איזבל עמיאל אזולאי Sienna Venture Capital נוואי קאלן Salesforce Ventures וידאו

"Investments in Israel have all but disappeared - also because of the judicial coup”

"We see a poor appetite for investments on the part of foreign investors," Sivan Shamri Dahan, managing partner at Qumra Capital, said in an investing panel at Mind The Tech London, "but we also have less appetite as Israelis"
הפגנה עובדי הייטק ינואר 2023

High-tech employees stage one-hour work stoppage to protest judicial reform

24.01.23|Meir Orbach
"High-tech is not cut off from the state as they have said about us over the years. The state is important to us," said the leaders of the demonstration
Qumra Capital Partners

“Now is a great time to invest and even greater time for contrarian investments”

08.12.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Qumra Capital Managing Partner Erez Shachar has joined CTech to look at the 2023 investment space
Erez Shachar

Why DPI is king

04.12.22|Erez Shachar
"If 'cash is king' for businesses, 'DPI is king' for LPs. In order to best predict the success of the current generations of funds, you should take a close look at their current DPI," writes Erez Shachar, Managing Partner at Qumra Capital
ועידת Mind the Tech ניו יורק אדם סינגולדה וארז שחר

Adam Singolda: "We almost closed Taboola in the past"

19.09.22|Sophie Shulman
The founder and CEO of the company said at the Qumra Capital roundtable at Mind the Tech NY that sometimes you also have to be naive when founding a startup “because if I were more experienced I might have closed Taboola several times"
CTech Mind the Tech NY Conference  Dor Nachshoni

“We know how to unlock employee skills to support the organization”

Meet Dor Nachshoni, CEO & Co-founder of Juno Journey, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital

“We figured out a way that everyone gets something”

Meet Ori Keren, CEO & Co-founder of LinearB, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital

“We help customers actually utilize and use their product”

Meet Sagi Rodin, CEO & Co-founder of Frontegg, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital

“We know how to work together and we built a very good platform”

Meet Ofer Smadari, CEO & Co-founder of Torq, which was selected as one of “Tomorrow’s Growth Companies” by Qumra Capital