Ctech ClimateTech 2023 Roee Reshef

How optimizing concrete might help the climate crisis

Roee Reshef, Co-Founder and CEO at GreenVibe, spoke to CTech about concrete’s impact on the environment

Roee Reshef
(Photo: Sinai David)

“By optimizing the concrete itself, you can reduce a lot of the cement being used in the concrete. Concrete is responsible for 8% of the CO2 emissions globally - it is a great contributor to the emissions,” explained Roee Reshef, Co-Founder and CEO at GreenVibe. “We believe we can reduce around 20% of the cement being used, and by that having a great impact on the environment. A positive one.”
GreenVibe helps analyze the use of concrete in construction and provides insights to better understand its use. “We are mainly in construction-tech, the main driver is the economic side of the construction which is time-saving, cost reduction, but there is a great benefit in having better data to optimize the construction which is a side effect, but a huge one, of climatetech,” Reshef continued. “The construction, and specifically the concrete, is not a data-driven segment of the construction industry. By having more accurate data, you can optimize all the segments.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.