Israel Day at NYSE.

Israeli proptech innovation stands tall during Israel Day in New York

The America-Israel Friendship League and Israeli Mapped in NY held an event dedicated to proptech at the New York Stock Exchange as part of Israel Day

Proptech was front and center at this year’s Israel Day event at the New York Stock Exchange, organized and hosted by the America-Israel Friendship League and Israeli Mapped in NY.
The conference, which took place on Monday, featured founders and CEOs of proptech companies, such as Venn, Daisy, Cherre, Block.a, Tulu and more and sector investors, from Insight Partners, Valley Ventures and more, who highlighted industry trends and how technology is changing the commercial property experience.
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Israel Day NYSE
Israel Day NYSE
Israel Day at NYSE.
(Shahar Azran)
“The real estate sector in New York has seen an explosion of innovation over the last few years with the lead of over 30 Israeli startups which are based in the city and are disrupting the market in terms of property management, investments, amenities, listings, lending, communities, data, alternative offices and more,” said Guy Franklin, Managing Partner of Israeli Mapped in NY. Franklin added that “there is an increasing demand for these new technologies in order to increase efficiency and lower costs while providing a better service to the potential client.”
Ori Kaufman-Gafter, Head of Tech and International Banking at Valley Bank said: “Market volatility is impacting all spaces. It is likely that some sectors within the Proptech space will be affected more than others, such as the residential space and tech enabler companies, while others might benefit, specifically ESG-focused tech. Some companies will need to reduce burn, extend the run rate and focus on profitability versus growth. However, there is dry powder raised by proptech-focused funds, enabling continuous investments.”

“AIFL is leading the charge in educating the public about the wonderful things that come from Israel, such as art, technology, sciences, history, and many other fields that benefit the people of the United States and Israel,” said Jonathan Barsade, President of AIFL.
“We’re thrilled to host this year’s annual Israel Day at the NYSE to highlight technology advancements in the real estate industry,” said Lynn Martin, President of NYSE Group. “The NYSE is also proud to have more than a dozen Israeli companies as members of our NYSE community of entrepreneurs and disruptors.”
Dan Gillerman, Chairman of the America-Israel Friendship League (Israel) concluded that “Israeli companies, working both together with U.S. counterparts and in the U.S. marketplace are key players to a solid relationship between the people of the United States and of Israel.” Gillerman added that “we are managing to show what a complex but wonderful mosaic this creates, a mosaic that is forming common bonds of true friendship.”