CTech AIsrael Conference Yossi Shakui

Microsoft explains how Generative AI impacts IP law and compliance

Yossi Shakui, Director of Digital Native at Microsoft, spoke to CTech at AIsrael 2024 to discuss the rights behind content created by artificial intelligence.

Yossi Shakui
(Photo: Calcalist)

“The question of IP in GenAI touches on security and compliance, which is at the core of everything related to generative AI,” said Yossi Shakui, Director of Digital Native at Microsoft. “Let’s say there is a tech company developing its own IP over the last 5 or 10 years, an artificial intelligence-based product. They don't want that to leak and when they are selling that to enterprises and specific industries, there are regulations, and their information is very restricted. So you want to keep that in a closed garden.”
According to Shakui, the integration of GenAI into companies now means they need to consider the intellectual property of the organization or startup. The digital native information alongside GenAI means a safer environment that is regulated and governed effectively. “That's the huge value that enables the development and the integration between the company's IP and generative AI,” he says.
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.