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מנכ"ל אנבידיה ג'נסן הואנג יוני 2024

US investigation against AI ​​giants can’t keep up with pace of development

10.06.24|Omer Kabir
Microsoft, NVIDIA, and OpenAI face regulatory heat as US agencies divide oversight responsibilities.
שירוד דגריפו בכירה במיקרוסופט העולמית

"China, Russia, North Korea and Iran are leveraging ChatGPT for their needs"

02.06.24|Omer Kabir
Sherrod Degrippo, Director of Threat Intelligence Strategy at Microsoft, warns that software is fragile and explains why an old router is the most dangerous home device.
מנכ"ל מיקרוסופט סאטיה נאדלה ומנכ"ל אלפבית גוגל סונדר פיצ'אי

How cloud credit became tech's new currency

28.05.24|Viki Auslender
Tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft and Google use their cloud services as a kind of new currency. They invest in companies while giving "credit" to use the cloud instead of paying in cash, and along the way attract and tie start-ups to their infrastructures
CTech AIsrael Conference Yossi Shakui

Microsoft explains how Generative AI impacts IP law and compliance

25.04.24|James Spiro
Yossi Shakui, Director of Digital Native at Microsoft, spoke to CTech at AIsrael 2024 to discuss the rights behind content created by artificial intelligence.
CTech AIsrael Conference Ben Haklai

“GenAI will take Microsoft, the economy in Israel, and society to a new level.”

24.04.24|James Spiro
Ben Haklai, National Technology Officer at Microsoft spoke to CTech about the power of GenAI and how it will change our world.
CTech AIsrael Conference Ruthy Kaidar

“We really see the GenAI industry and the ecosystem changing in front of our eyes”

23.04.24|James Spiro
Ruthy Kaidar, EMEA Healthcare Leader Providers and Payors at Microsoft spoke at AISrael about the ways new technology is transforming industry in Israel and overseas.
כנס חוסן בהייטק AISRAEL - רותי קידר מנהלת מגזר הבריאות אירופה מזרח תיכון ואפריקה ב מיקרוסופט

"Why shouldn’t a 9-year-old child leave the doctor's office with a summary that he can understand?"

14.04.24|Hagay Gilboa
Ruthy Kaidar, Microsoft’s Regional Leader for Healthcare, Health Providers and Payors for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, spoke at Calcalist and Microsoft’s AIsrael conference about the various uses of AI in global health systems.
כנס חוסן בהייטק AISRAEL - אלון חיימוביץ מנכל מיקרוסופט ישראל

Microsoft Israel GM: "We are only in the very early stages of the AI revolution"

14.04.24|Hagay Gilboa
Alon Haimovich, Israel Country General Manager of Microsoft Israel spoke at Calcalist and Microsoft’s AIsrael conference about the tech industry’s responsibility to support the future of the country and how AI can be utilized in that regard.
כנס חוסן בהייטק AISRAEL - בן חקלאי סמנכל טכנולוגיות לאומיות מיקרוסופט ישראל

"Microsoft provides its customers with the confidence to use AI tools responsibly"

14.04.24|Tomer Hadar
Ben Haklai, National Technology Officer at Microsoft Israel, spoke at Calcalist and Microsoft’s AIsrael conference about the importance of data security, organizational compliance and protection of intellectual property when developing products.
כנס חוסן ישראל אלון חיימוביץ מנכל Microsoft ישראל

Microsoft Israel GM: "The road to resilience - cooperation between traditional industries and the tech sector"

11.04.24|Maya Nahum Shahal
Alon Haimovich, Israel Country General Manager at Microsoft Israel added that "the new normal is uncertainty - and it is here to stay." Haimovich also spoke about the risks of AI: "We see more and more cynical exploitation and misuse of this technology"
Hila Hubsch

Combating disinformation: Responsible AI and opportunities for the Israeli ecosystem

07.04.24|Hila Hubsch
"Israel has the opportunity to become a beacon and leader in the field of AI, particularly in developing AI systems adept at identifying and neutralizing disinformation," writes Adv. Hila Hubsch, VP of Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft Israel
כנס רודשואו - הילה אוביל ברנר מייסדת Yazamiyot - Women Entrepreneurs

"To be a female entrepreneur in Israel is difficult, but to be a woman leading a startup during wartime is even tougher"

04.02.24|Hagai Gilboa
Women-led startups from the south were the focus of an event led by Yazamiyot and Arieli Capital and held at Microsoft's offices in Be'er Sheva to discuss the challenges that female entrepreneurs are facing and how to support women-led startups in the south
Alon Microsoft

Microsoft looks at Israeli high-tech as its ‘Gas and Oil’ in the Middle East

24.01.24|James Spiro
As the company searches for potential growth engines in the region, it partnered with Sapiens as a way to better penetrate the insurtech industry.