Ctech Gaming conference Roei Derhi וידאו

“We always think fashion and gaming are separate - but now we see this new kind of customer”

Roei Derhi, Founder and Creative Director at Placebo, joined CTech to discuss the similarities between gaming and fashion.

Roei Derhi
(Sinai David)
“We need to understand what 'fashion' means in the 21st century. Fashion today is not only something practical that you put on your body,” explained Roei Derhi, Founder and Creative Director at Placebo. “You actually consume fashion to create content. So people use fashion to create social media posts, to create eye-catching content, or they use it to put it on their avatars to create an expression of themselves.”
Placebo is a digital fashion house that creates fashion for people who want to be fashionable on different digital platforms, such as social media, metaverse, or gaming.
“We are trying to give them this solution to create something that is even bigger than life,” he continued. “We always think those worlds are separate - fashion and gaming - but we now see this new kind of customer in the middle today… You are creating these kinds of characters in fashion and that's why the relationship between gaming and fashion maybe is not that weird because you are playing a character in gaming.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.