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Watch how Cyabra uses its capabilities to uncover Pro-Hamas fake news and propaganda

Social threat intelligence company Cyabra identified and uncovered thousands of fake profiles spreading pro-Hamas content.

(Rafi Mendelson from Cyabra presents hard proof of fake propaganda on a massive scale)

Following the terror attacks on Israel, another battleground has opened up across social media networks, with fake and misleading info, images, and videos being shared online.
Since the beginning of the Hamas-Israel war, Cyabra, an Israel-based social threat intelligence company, has utilized its capabilities for national security activity and uncovered a bot network of over 40,000 fake profiles that are actively spreading pro-Hamas propaganda and fake news. The company detected that 25% of the profiles participating in conversations about the Hamas-Israel war in the first two days of the war were fake.

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fake profiles' activity
The content created by the fake profiles received over 371,000 engagements and reached 531,000,000 profiles in just two days.