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"Generative AI is a savior for high tech"

General Partner at Disruptive AI VC Yorai Fainmesser spoke to CTech at Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event in Tel Aviv about the promise of Generative AI

Yorai Fainmesser
(Credit: Sinai David)

“Three years ago, when we started to say we were investigating AI, people looked at us like ‘what are they doing?’ AI is something in the future. And maybe by the end of 2021, AI was still outside of the game, meaning that even companies that we invested in found it difficult with some kind of pushback from their clients,” said Yorai Fainmesser, General Partner at Disruptive AI VC, speaking to CTech at Calcalist and KPMG’s Work After Work event in Tel Aviv.
“Suddenly what happened in the last year or even half year is that people understand that AI can really bring efficiency, bring good things, bring creativity, and suddenly they want it immediately.” Fainmesser says that “those that believed in AI and had AI as part of their technology,” due to overwhelming demand and public awareness, are now seeing their work pay off.
“I think generative AI is kind of a savior for high tech, not only Israeli high tech, but also general high tech in these tough times of a kind of slowdown.” Fainmesser noted that there is more pressure on tech companies due to both the global economic downturn and “local pressure from the political unrest.“
However, he remained optimistic. “I believe in the Israeli strength and resilience to succeed” and companies that are successful will have an extremely strong fit “to the product and the market they need to disrupt. So, I see good things coming out of this local crisis and global crisis.”
You can watch the full interview in the video above.