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“The determination and strength demanded from Israeli founders is unparalleled on a global scale”

Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures, spoke about the difficulties faced by Israeli founders and the importance of sharing vulnerability.

Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures
(Video: Sinay David)
“I'll start by saying that I think the determination and the strength demanded from Israeli founders is unparalleled on a global scale. It's something that is really unique to the Israeli ecosystem,” said Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures. “Currently what we're seeing is that it is harder to raise capital, many employees are on reserves, and that impacts the milestones that companies set originally… it requires a new set of milestones and for founders to be creative.”
TAU Ventures is Tel Aviv University's venture capital fund, founded in 2018 with LPs from around the world with $70 million under management across two funds. It invests the first check in early stage companies across multiple sectors and empowers an ecosystem within academia, industry, and the entrepreneurs themselves.
“If I were to look at a company right now and see into the eyes of the founder, a lot of the very difficult circumstances that they are facing lead to stress. We're already in a very complex and stressful environment and you know things are hard, but sometimes I sense that founders don't want to show vulnerability or don't want to speak about the struggles they're facing,” she added.
You can watch the entire exchange above.