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“There has always been an element of risk around the Israeli tech industry”

12.02.24|James Spiro, Elihay Vidal
Managing Partner of TAU Ventures Nimrod Cohen joined CTech to discuss VC trends in 2024 amid a variety of uncertainties.
CTech TechTLV Conference Inbal Perlman

“The determination and strength demanded from Israeli founders is unparalleled on a global scale”

22.01.24|James Spiro
Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures, spoke about the difficulties faced by Israeli founders and the importance of sharing vulnerability.
ענבל פרלמן שותפה בקרן TAU Ventures

"VCs have an active role in promoting founders’ mental wellness amidst market turmoil"

12.06.23|Elihay Vidal
Inbal Perlman, Partner at TAU Ventures, spoke with CTech as part of the project “Where do we go from here?”, which aims to examine how the Israeli VC industry is dealing with the crisis in the sector
נמרוד כהן TAU Ventures

TAU Ventures: “2022 was a transition year” for the VC space

15.11.22|Elihay Vidal, James Spiro
Nimrod Cohen has joined CTech for its VC series exploring what the sector can expect next year
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Despite the slowdown in investments in high-tech, the Seed stage is still bubbling

26.07.22|Nimrod Cohen
“Unlike later-stage startups who may be struggling to raise enough funds to account for their higher valuation, pre-Seed and Seed startups are keeping their valuations manageably lower,” writes Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner of TAU Ventures
ענבל פרלמן שותפה בקרן ההון סיכון TAU Ventures

Inbal Perlman appointed as Partner at TAU Ventures

14.07.22|Meir Orbach
Prior to joining the fund nearly two years ago, Perlman managed Israel’s Google for Startups community
ועידת Mind The Tech לונדון Nimrod Cohen Ctech

"We have an 'unfair' advantage being a VC fund in a university"

Nimrod Cohen, Managing Partner of TAU Ventures, explained that being part of Tel Aviv University allows the firm to help entrepreneurs with connections, knowledge and workforce
Cady Team

CADY raises $3 million to develop automatic PCB inspections

10.01.22|James Spiro
The company uses AI for automatic PCB design inspections, helping detect errors at early stages
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Nimrod Cohen, TAU Ventures: There is almost no field that is oversaturated in tech

06.12.21|Elihay Vidal
Speaking to CTech as part of a special investor survey, Nimrod Cohen, the Managing Partner of TAU Ventures, insisted that it is the founders who should be managing their companies. “We as investors need to help them in any way we can”
 צוות TAU Ventures

TAU Ventures, the VC of Tel Aviv University, raises a second fund of $50 million

29.11.21|Meir Orbach
The fund intends to invest in 15 to 25 companies founded by Israeli entrepreneurs, with investment amounts up to $1 million per venture as a first investment
נמרוד כהן TAU Ventures

Managing your board: A letter to CEOs from a board member

31.10.21|Nimrod Cohen
“With the right mindset, professional practices and approach, you as the CEO can maximize the value-add of your investors and board members and build a trusting and supportive relationship,” writes Nimrod Cohen of TAU Ventures
אסף פרי Futora

Fintech startup Futora raises $6 million for personally customized investment platform

The company’s technology allows banks and financial institutions to instantly create investment products that are personally customized for each client

CASTOR secures $3.5 million Seed funding led by Xerox

16.08.21|James Spiro
The printing company joins existing investors to help reach large enterprises for their 3D printing needs.
Shai Levi Eviatar Khen Asaf Kleinbort Medorion

Medorion raises $6 million for its health insurer platform

07.07.21|James Spiro
Medorion has developed an AI-powered SaaS platform that analyzes drivers or barriers behind people’s health decisions
Aristagora VC Team

“It’s like eating Sushi with Tahina”: How Israel and Japan formed an unlikely business relationship

30.05.21|James Spiro
On paper, these countries and cultures couldn’t be more different - that’s what makes them so perfect for each other
Nimrod Cohen

“I really believe that most of the things that happen to us in life happen by coincidence”

Despite achieving success in sports and entrepreneurship, TAU Ventures’ Nimrod Cohen joins Michael Matias to discuss what he thinks it all comes down to: coincidence
Nimrod Cohen

Amid a decline in early-stage funding, TAU Ventures invites tech startups to its campus community

23.01.21|Ron Friedman
“We are comfortable leading a round or participating in it, but what we’re best at is serving as a home base for entrepreneurs in the most critical steps of their journey”
Inbal Perlman TAU Ventures

TAU Ventures appoints Inbal Perlman as VP of Business Development

29.10.20|James Spiro
The former ‘Googler’ will help accelerate growth for the Israeli fund and portfolio
נדב ארגמן ראש השב"כ 2018

Israel’s Shin Bet, Tel Aviv University Announce Third Accelerator Cohort

23.12.19|Adi Pick
The new cohort will host six startups in fields including speech recognition, real-time video analysis, and cybersecurity