Token Security Founders

Shlomo Kramer-backed Token Security emerges from stealth with $7 million

Token Security brings visibility and continuous threat exposure management to the space by introducing the machine-first approach

Token Security emerged on Wednesday from stealth with $7 million to launch its machine-first identity security platform. The Seed funding round was led by TLV Partners and SNR in addition to a number of angel investors including Shlomo Kramer, considered one of the founding fathers of cybersecurity in Israel.
The expansion of cloud and microservice architectures has also introduced an explosion in machine identities. The typical company today has 45 times more machine identities than human ones, and the number of identities has doubled in the last three years. Keeping track of these identities is now a much greater task than before, and securing them could be seen as next to impossible for those overwhelmed by the concept.
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Token Security Founders
Token Security Founders
Token Security Founders
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Token Security brings visibility and continuous threat exposure management to the space by introducing the machine-first approach. Whereas legacy solutions are human-centric, meaning they build a list of employees and contractors and check access to systems against it, Token Security inverts this: It actually starts with machines and keeps track of who has access to them and for what purpose.
The result is a platform that can integrate into existing infrastructure and triage data to extract context, evaluate, and prioritize threat detection.
“Identity-based attacks are the number one attack vector, affecting even the likes of Microsoft and Cloudflare,” explained Token Security Co-Founder and CEO Itamar Apelblat. “Legacy solutions deal with on-premise identities, which are mostly human. In the cloud and GenAI era though, identities are no longer human only, and they’re not in one place - they are all over the place.”
According to Apelblat, the cloud is evolving much faster than companies can adapt to it. “Attackers are leaving no stone unturned to find vulnerable identities. It’s well-known today that hackers don't break in, they log in. We help security professionals regain control, while staying out of developers’ way,” he added.
Token Security runs with major infrastructure platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and Snowflake. Its platform integrates with identity providers, source code repositories, and secrets managers, using additional data for context analysis without obstructing developer workflows. The company is already working with companies ranging from mid-market to Fortune 500 in sectors such as Fintech, Cybersecurity, Insurtech, and eCommerce.
“We take the security organization all the way from being in the dark to remediating real risks and cutting down exposures to a minimum. We discover, inventory and standardize data across IAM repositories. We cluster identities, credentials and entitlements for different teams - Engineering, DevOps, Data engineers, SREs and more. We prioritize the most critical identities and their vulnerabilities, and reduce risk using remediation capabilities”, added CTO Ido Shlomo.
Token Security was co-founded by Apelblat and Shlomo who have worked together for more than 15 years in some capacity. They previously held key leadership roles in the Israeli Intelligence Corps Unit 8200 and have both startup and corporate experience.